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SportsOneSource offers full-service, custom research capabilities. Our expertise in the sporting and outdoor industries delivers powerful consumer research solutions to meet your budget and timeline. We offer a full range of market research options, including: Brand Awareness, Attitude & Usage, Return on Investment & Advertising Effectiveness, Advertising Concept Testing  Product Development, Moment of Truth, Ethnography, and Consumer Segmentation.  

SportsOneSource also offers syndicated research, enabling brands to track consumer behavior and attitudes in a cost-effective manner. Contact our Market Research division to learn more.

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Exciting new changes are on the way for SSI Data in 2015, making your data broader, deeper, faster and easier than ever before.

SportsScanInfo currently offers the widest available set of reporting retail channels from outdoor specialty, full-line sporting goods, big-box outdoor retail, athletic specialty, outdoor chain retail, sport specialty, Internet/catalog, mid-tier department stores and discount/mass stores.
  • Fifty percent more retail doors and web sites 
  • Sixty percent more reported sales volume
  • Increased channel ranges

SportsScanInfo has established a highly granular view of market trend information. Each sale reported by our retail partners is recorded at the color and size level. Internet sales are reported for the location of product delivery, maintaining the integrity of the geographic data.
  • Enhanced category structure and detailed breakout of "Kids" category
  • Tech Tag functionality and custom timeframes

SportScanInfo offers the only weekly point-of-sale data reporting in the industry. Timely access is critical for today’s retailers and vendors to assess trends as they develop - instead of weeks or even months after the fact.
  • Weekly data reporting and automated report distribution
  • Universal access from Mac, PC or your mobile device

Going forward, SportScanInfo will focus on simplification and ease of use. From a dedicated Client Solutions team to user-friendly Smart Menus and enhanced custom reporting, accessing data will be easier than it has ever been.